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Common names: Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut, European Chestnut

Scientific name(s): Castanea sativa

Sweet Chestnut is an attractive blonde timber to have as a live-edge slab table. The species grows large enough for us to have been able to attain slabs up to 1.10mt width with a length of 4.0mt. The heartwood darkens with age resulting in some discoloration present throughout the slab with large knots being present on some boards. All of these features give the slab more depth and character that you will feel in your home.

Commercial Restriction: No

Wood Description:

Color Light brown to medium brown
Sapwood Clearly demarcated
Texture Coarse
Grain Straight or interlocked .

Physical Properties:

Avg. Dried Weight 37 lbs/ft3 or 590kg/m3
Specific Gravity 0.50 to 0.59
Janka Hardness 680 lbf or 3,010N
Modulus of Rupture 10,360 lbf/in2 or 71.4 Mpa
Elastic Modulus 1,248,000 lbf/in2 or 8.61Gpa
Crushing Strength 6,360 lbf/in2 or 43.8 Mpa

Natural Durability and Treatability:

Funghi Very Durable
Dry wood borers Moderately Durable.
Treatability Permeable
Use Class, by natural durability Very Durable
Termites Moderately Durable