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Common names: Leadwood

Scientific name(s): Combretum Imberbe

Leadwood, as its vernacular name suggests is a very heavy & dense hardwood. Its fine grain makes it highly sought after for turning applications as it finishes smooth like glass. The heartwood is dark brown to black in color with varying shades being present throughout the board and often figured. With the white colored sapwood creating a contrasting border and accentuating the dark heartwood appearance it is surely a centerpiece one cannot do without.

Commercial Restriction: No

Wood Description:

Color Rich reddish to dark brown
Sapwood Clearly demarcated
Texture Fine
Grain Straight.

Physical Properties:

Avg. Dried Weight 76 lbs/ft3 or 1220 kg/m3
Specific Gravity 0.96 to 1.22
Janka Hardness 3,570 lbf or 15,880N
Modulus of Rupture 20,960 lbf/in2 or 144.5 Mpa
Elastic Modulus 2,494,000 lbf/in2 or 17.20Gpa
Crushing Strength 9,950lbf/in2 or 68.6 Mpa

Natural Durability and Treatability:

Funghi Very Durable
Dry wood borers VDurable –Risk limited to sap.
Treatability Permeable
Use Class, by natural durability Very Durable
Termites Durable