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Common names: Mansonia, African Walnut

Scientific name(s): Mansonia altissima.

Mansonia is a special specie, it originates from a tropical climate and has the physical characteristics to match. However has a similar appearance to a species hailing from a temperate climate, American Black Walnut. Mansonia has 2 distinct advantages over its counterpart; one being that size is not an issue with widths of up to 1.20mt not uncommon. Second being that its natural durability is far superior to that of North American Walnut. We are confident that our “African Walnut” live-edge slabs will fit in perfectly in your home

Commercial Restriction: No

Wood Description:

Color Yellow to golden brown
Sapwood Clearly demarcated
Texture Coarse
Grain Interlocked.

Physical Properties:

Avg. Dried Weight 41 lbs/ft3 or 660kg/m3
Specific Gravity 0.54 to 0.66
Janka Hardness 1,290 lbf or 5,740N
Modulus of Rupture 16,600 lbf/in2 or 114.5 Mpa
Elastic Modulus 1,570,000 lbf/in2 or 10.83 Gpa
Crushing Strength 7,800lbf/in 2 or 53.8 Mpa

Natural Durability and Treatability:

Funghi Very Durable
Dry wood borers Very Durable
Treatability Permeable
Use Class, by natural durability Very Durable
Termites Very Durable