Sapelli Pommele

Sapelli Pommele

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Common names: Sapelli, Sapelli Pommele

Scientific name(s): Entandrophragma cylindricum

Sapelli Pommele is a very rare timber to find in solid form, as most logs are sliced into veneer. The word pommele is the French term for dappled, and refers to a quilted or blistered appearance in the wood that is highly sought after. Pommele figure is very rarely found throughout the whole tree and is generally more towards the outer parts of the slab. Therefore some boards will be completely covered in a rich pommele figure where as other will only have some pommele on the edges of the board where sapwood is present. This beautiful figure coupled with sapelli’s golden to dark reddish-brown color is certainly a winning combination.

Commercial Restriction: IUCN Red list

Wood Description:

Color Golden brown to dark reddish brown
Sapwood Clearly demarcated
Texture Fine
Grain Interlocked Interlocked .

Physical Properties:

Avg. Dried Weight 42 lbs/ft3 or 670 kg/m3
Specific Gravity 0.50 to 0.67
Janka Hardness 1,410 lbf or 6,28 0N
Modulus of Rupture 15,930 lbf/in2 or 109.9 Mpa
Elastic Modulus 1,746,000 lbf/in2 or 12.04 Gpa
Crushing Strength 8,750lbf/in2 or 60.4Mpa

Natural Durability and Treatability:

Funghi Durable
Dry wood borers Durable –Risk limited to sap.
Treatability Permeable
Use Class, by natural durability Very Durable
Termites Moderately Durable